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So 2012 is well underway. The Christmas tree and decorations are all packed up, presents are all put away in their correct place with a pile of 'to be exchanged' ready to be exchanged. The festivities are well and truly behind us :(

But don't be too glum because Vanilla Ink has a few tricks up their sleeves to bring the atmosphere back up.

I know you have heard it before but Vanilla Ink's online shop will be up and running very shortly and what better way to celebrate than with a wee launch party. A launch party with a twist. Keep an eye on our blog for updates and sneak peeks. 

Vanilla Ink is also making big leaps into getting a physical space, again watch this space! 2012 WILL be the year of Vanilla Ink.

But before we look to the future, lets reflect on last year and everything Vanilla Ink got up to. 

  • We launched our fantastic website in July 2011 and the response has been overwhelming. We are so happy with the website and would love to know what you think.
  • We have some amazing award winning jewellers signed up to Vanilla Ink.
  • Conversations have already begun on the forum, providing a wealth of knowledge for anyone to tap into.
  • We sistered up with the awe inspiring Contemporary Lab. If you haven't checked them out, please do. Director Emma is doing a fantastic job.
  • With our sistering came our first Design fair, MADE11 in Brighton which was a brilliant experience and oh how we love Brighton!!
  • Founder of Vanilla Ink, Kate Pickering has secured herself a lecturing post at Dundee University (they will never rid of her). 
  • Vanilla Ink took part in Dundee's first Pecha Kucha
  • We were featured in our first Zine, thanks to the wonderful Hannah Zakari
 Hannah Zakari Zine Vanilla Ink @ Made11  Pecha Kucha Dundee

All in all, a roller-coaster of a year. Bring on 2012! We look forward to meeting new and strengthening old friendships. 


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