Vanilla Ink Membership

The Vanilla Ink Membership is a yearly membership that grants you access to Vanilla Ink Studios during its work hours.  The low cost membership allows you to access the space and specialised equipment. Whether you want to use the rolling mill for an hour or hire a bench for a week, the Vanilla Ink Membership will give you access to our knowledge, time, space and equipment.

Once you have signed up to the membership you can then book in hourly, half day, full day and weekly using our new booking system.

In the studio we have a solid workbench with it's own power supply, daylight lamp and chair. We also have the following equipment;

Fly Press
Large soldering station
Rolling Mill
Ring Stretcher
Pillar Drill
Pendant motors
Barrel Polisher
Polishing motor
Hand tools
Stone setting equipment
Various hammers

Hourly rate - £5
Half day - £10
Full day - £20
Weekly - £40

Please note that Vanilla Ink Membership is only granted to those with jewellery experience, this means working to at least an intermediate level under the guidance of Vanilla Ink or another Jewellery class provider. You will be given a workshop induction ahead of access to the space.

Being a Vanilla Ink Member will also give you 10% discount on any Vanilla Ink class.

Once you have signed up for a membership you will be granted backstage access to the website to book your slots.

Vanilla Ink is based in MAKLab Glasgow in their Charing Cross site and runs alongside their opening hours. See below;

Monday: 9am - 5pm
Tuesday: 9am - 8pm
Wednesday: 9am - 12pm
Thursday: 9am - 8pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 11am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

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