Summer School - Revision

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Summer School - Revision


Vanilla Ink invites students who have already started their journey into jewellery making to revise their practice and skill up during their new winter school course.

Situated at the fully-equipped Vanilla Ink Jewellery School, the course will be a week-long intensive look at processes, techniques and skills designed to increase your ability and confidence before heading back to college, uni or your own bench. 

This is for those with a year or two’s making experience under their belts and this week will be an intense refresher course, designed to revitalize and rejuvenate the memory, while brushing up on skills and preparing for you next extensive learning. This is the chance to connect with a Master Goldsmith and benefit from his vast knowledge. Hints, tips and tricks of the trade will all be taught alongside a recap of the previous year’s skills and polishing up of process.

Course Outcomes;

  • Refresh your memory as your previous courses are discussed and analysed.

  • Brush up on skills already learned, refining and excelling as you go.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses, consolidating and neutralising the respective traits.

  • Take advantage of time with a Master Goldsmith, using the week to ask relevant questions and absorb a vast wealth of both skill and knowledge.

  • Focus on the upcoming year’s courses, preparing you with the skills and the mental attitude required to succeed.

  • Portfolio of finished pieces using various techniques; frame building (mock setting), finishing to a professional level, stone setting and wax carving.

This course is for those that have experience in making through another learning provider. All tools and base metals are provided within the course. Remember to bring a sketchbook! Feel free to bring your own silver and your own tools if you prefer. Lunch is not provided but there are many amenities near by but do feel free to bring your own lunch, you have access to a fridge, microwave and hob if you need it.

**please note classes may be cancelled due to lack of attendees. In the unlikely event, you will be fully refunded and notified the day before the class is scheduled**

If you can not attend the class but someone you know can take your place then please let us know ahead of the class, we can only refund the class if there is at least 3 days notice.

1 Week intensive course
Monday - Friday
20.08.18 - 24.08.18
Tutor: Head Goldsmith, Scott McIntyre

Vanilla Ink Jewellery School
Mercat House
19 Argyle Court
The Hidden Lane
1103 Argyle Street
G3 8ND

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