Our intermediate jewellery classes are perfect for people who've completed beginners classes in jewellery making, either through Vanilla Ink, another provider or self taught. There are many skills taught here that will suit people with the basic skills and also those that have had more teaching, classes like our Wax Carving, Enamelling, Finishing School or Smelting, Melting and Forging would interest more than just intermediate level. 



This is an eight evening block which is designed to give you further insight into the world of jewellery making. A step up from the beginners course, the first four weeks, are spent learning more complex processes, including bezel setting, etching, scoring and folding and finally, enamelling.



This is an eight week evening block which is designed to give you further insight into the world of jewellery making.

A step up from the Intermediate 1 course, it's designed to help advance your knowledge and broaden your skill set. In the first four weeks you will learn more complex processes, including how to build and set a square stone, wax carving, both cuttlefish and water casting (this uses silver which is included in the price), and Mokume Gane.



A two day, weekend course learning the magic of enamelling! The class will look at traditional techniques such as Sgraffito, Plique a jour and Cloisonné. Students will learn how to prepare the metal, the different types of enamel, the use of the kiln, stencilling and stamping, graphite with enamel as well as other effective, simple techniques.

We will also look at how to apply findings to an enamelled design i.e earring post, jump rings and brooch backs. By the end of course you will have a beautiful piece of enamelled jewellery and the skills to create more!


SUMMER SCHOOL - revision

Vanilla Ink invites students who have already started their journey into jewellery making to revise their practice and skill up during their new winter school course.



The course will be led by Master Goldsmith, Scott McIntyre. A top class craftsman with over 23 years experience in the trade, he has created amazing pieces for a wide and varied number of workshops across Scotland. A highly skilled stone setter and wax carver, he uses his intense level of training to ensure he’s at the very top of his game. A passion for the passing on of skills and heritage is deep-rooted within Scott’s working ethos.



This weekend is for talented jewellers looking to add wax carving to their already impressive repertoire. Carving is an essential skill on the road to becoming a complete goldsmith. It is cheap, forgiving, and a great way to improve both design and manufacture.



This class is great for accessing the studio and make whatever projects you would like with assistance and access to the machinery and tools. It has been designed to give you access to our fully-equipped workshop, with dedicated time and advice from either Kate or Scott. It's perfect for fulfilling any design ideas you may have, but need access to facilities and expert knowledge. We will be on hand to guide you through your own designs and help you make pieces of unique jewellery. Or we can leave you be!