A Master Goldsmith with over 22 years of experience in the jewellery trade, Scott has created amazing pieces for a wide and varied number of workshops across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Scott started early with his training, embarking on an apprenticeship when he was just 17 in one of Glasgow's top workshops. In his career, he has picked up an extensive set of skills from a variety of Master Goldsmiths while creating and finely tuning his own techniques. Always keen to add to his craft, he uses his high level of intense training to ensure he’s at the very top of his game. 

A passion for the passing on of skills and heritage is deep-rooted within Scott’s working ethos. He intends to use the methods he has honed over time to ensure that each student leaves his department with a far greater knowledge of jewellery making.

scott.vanillaink@gmail.com / @scottvanillaink


Kate founded Vanilla Ink Studios in 2009, with the goal to bridge the gap from jewellery education into industry. Knowing that it can be difficult to find your place within the ever changing landscape, Kate developed The Vanilla Ink Programme, designed to support and promote jewellers in the early stages of their careers. A exciting and unique concept, it's a professional development course designed to make you think about your jewellery business as a whole.

Having a degree in jewellery herself, she understands the difficulties new designers face when setting up their own business. Calling upon her knowledge, Kate wanted to create a space that allowed collaborations, room to learn from mistakes and time to reflect.

In 2017 the Vanilla Ink Jewellery School CIC was established, bringing in Scott as lead Goldsmith. With the shared desire to educate eager and willing jewellers, they make the perfect team.

hellovanillaink@gmail.com / @vanillainkUK