Scott has over 22 years of experience in the jewellery industry, having received extensive training as an apprentice in one of Glasgow’s top workshops.

In his career, he has worked in a variety of establishments across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Scott has collected an extensive set of skills and has worked tirelessly to ensure he’s at the top of his game.

As a particularly skilled wax carver, he can create the most intricate of details within a design, and as a top class setter, Scott is fluent in all traditional and modern styles.


  • all types of setting work
  • mount making
  • wax carving
  • master pattern making
  • mould making
  • sizing
  • re-tipping
  • repair
  • restoration
  • remodelling


Services and prices are dependent on the job and will be quoted upon request, please fill out the form below and Scott will be able to give you a quote for the job. Alternatively email scott[dot]vanillaink[at]gmail[dot]com.

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